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Should we have an annual Village Bonfire?

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The calendar can be formatted to show a year, a month, a week, or a day - the monthly view is the most popular, but the choice is yours.  A search facility is included (at the bottom right) to look up events in and around the village.  After visiting the calendar, please use the 'back' button on your browser to return to this page.

Calendar editors please add the following code (select, copy & paste) to the pop-up window.
Clicking on the link will return you to this page.

If you are adding a birthday to the calendar, why not add the following code (select, copy & paste) to the pop-up window.

Event organisers are invited to contact Dot.Com, or any of the calendar contributors listed below, to add details of their own events to the site.  You will be issued with a user name and password to enable you to add an event from any computer with an internet connection.

We need more people to contribute to this website.

Have you a story to tell, memories of the village, photographs old or new?  Anything you think would interest our visitors.  Your help is needed to ensure the continued success of this website.

If you have a computer and an internet connection (useful but not essential), contact Nick

If you haven't a computer, phone him on 427 700.