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Emergency Services
Police News
Dear Residents

I am pleased to be able to contribute to the village web site once again and on this occasion I have information on some crucial decisions which have been made at Divisional level, concerning how rural beats in particular will operate.

Currently the residential part of the police station at Chatburn is empty, as I have recently moved into my own house.  Residents wishing to contact me or the police should telephone 01200 443344 or in the case of an emergency 999.  I am still using the office but I'm only there for a short while during each tour of duty.

From the 2nd of April this year however, other changes will be made.  Five rural beat officers, who include myself, the two Gisburn officers, the Waddington/West Bradford officer and the policeman from Newton/Slaidburn will use Chatburn as a base

We will work ten-hour shifts covering the area twenty-four hours a day.  In the main the liveried police land rover will be utilised by all officers to provide a more high profile presence.

Each officer will be responsible for the areas they cover now, but will also be expected to patrol further afield, the emphasis being on teamwork.

Final details have yet to be worked out and I'm sure changes will be made when practical problems have been identified.  I am confident, having said that, that the same or even greater levels of attention will be paid by the officers to the policing of their part of the Ribble Valley.  Once again I would encourage everyone to be vigilant and continue to report suspicious incidents or activity to the police.

Our presence may not on occasions be obvious but believe me when I say that the rural police officers in the Ribble Valley work hard to keep the crime figures low and maintain the quality of life enjoyed by everyone in the area.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


Cliff Woodcock

Clitheroe Fire & Rescue

First of all, thank you Chatburn for inviting us on to your Web page.

Clitheroe Fire and Rescue is part of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, with 40 Fire stations in the County.  Our Call sign is B91 and we are located on Princess Ave., off Chatburn Road in Clitheroe.  At the moment there are 15 Retained Fire Fighters based at Clitheroe and we are always looking to take on new members, who are living or working within 5 minutes of the Station. We cover over 170sq. Miles of mainly rural areas, such as Dunsop Bridge, Newton, Slaidburn, Hurst Green, Downham and of course, Chatburn.

Chatburn has a good safety record and long may it continue, to help you keep it this way, here are a Few Safety Tips.

Have you got a Smoke Detector?  - If not!  Why Not?
(They cost as little as £5 and could save your Life.)
Check the Battery every Month by pressing the outer test button.
If possible clean it out every 3 Months with a vacuum cleaner.
Change the battery every 12 Months, pick a Birthday or the First day of the New Year.
If you see or smell smoke GET OUT AND CALL US OUT
Have you got a Safe Plan of Escape if you need to evacuate the building?
Never leave Chip Pans unattended.
Switch Off / unplug Electrical Appliances, BEFORE going to bed.
And if you Smoke, check cigarettes are properly out. Not left on the side of the ashtray.
Keep Matches away from Children.
For free information Call Fire Safety on 01282 423240.