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Our Footballing Heritage

North  West Area Syncronised Pit-Parping Champions, 19**
Ah, the good old days!
Pit-Parping - the ancient art of using the hand and armpit to make a rasping sound.

Popular in parts of Lancashire in the 1800s, it has made a comeback in a number of  villages throughput the County.  The above photo shows Chatburn's winning team from the last century.   The team secured victory with a rousing rendition of Rule Britannia, reaching a magnificent high of  103 db, it is a feat still talked of in the village, and though Tockholes came close in 1997 (101 db), the record stands to this day.

Any clues?

Any one care to fill in the gaps?
The photo shows the Chatburn team who were League Champions, winning the Aitken Shield in either 1925/26 or 1929/30 (they won it in both seasons) playing in the Clitheroe Sunday School Football League.

Back Row-Players: Sam Limbert/Leonard Wilson/Billy Frankland/NotKnown/Leonard Frankland(End). /Hubert Hyton/
Middle Row Players: George Limbert/Clifford Chatburn/Col.King Wilkinson/Not Known/Albert Frankland
Front Row- Not Known

Player details kindly provided by:
Fred Limbert,
East Cliffe
Former resident of Victoria Ave. Chatburn & Accy Stanley Player

Mill ladies football team

Mill mens football team