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Chatburn Cricket Club
Formed 1923

P. A. Whittaker Esq.,
J. Woodworth Esq.,
G. Lambert Esq.,
8 St. Chads. Avenue,
17 Roman Way,
1 Patrick Avenue,
Clitheroe,BB7 4AN.
Burnley, BB12 7QQ
Tel: 01200 441935
Tel: 01200 426534
Tel: 01282 7711442

Chatburn Cricket Club runs two elevens.  A first and second team. Both teams compete in the Craven and District Cricket League based in Skipton.  Their opponents come from as far away as Keighley in Yorkshire and more locally in the Pendle area of Lancashire, at Barrowford and Nelson.

The club originally played on a field called `Kenyon Croft'.  This site is still in use today.  Kenyon Croft becoming part of the Village playing fields in 1953.  The Club have always played there apart from a short period after the Second World War when games were played at Downham as Mr. Cockshutt the farmer whose cattle grazed the land needed the grass to feed his beast's.

The club was formed in 1923 and although no records still exist going back to the formation a minute book is retained dating back to January 1940.  This gives reference to the formation.  The first known success was winning the `North East Lancs. League division 2 in 1937 (picture) followed again in 1939 (picture).  Play was then suspended during the war and resumed after hostilities had ceased.
Back: J. Marsh, A. Slinger, E. Howerd, J. Casson, T. Hudson, F. Slinger.
Middle: F. Simms, M. Hudson, J. Sharp, M. Croasdale, F. Cheetham.
Front: J. Hudson, E. Horsfield.
Back (L-R): E. Horsefield, J. Casson, H. Veevers, L. Hacket, T. Holgate, F. Slinger.
Middle: W. Mercer, M. Croasdale, J. Sharp, F. Cheetham.
Front: T. Hudson, F. Simms.

In 1950 the club joined the new Ribble Valley Amateur Cricket League.  Scant details are available but it is known that between 1950 and 1967 the club won the league in 1952,1954,1955,1959 and was runner up in 1950,1958,1965 and 1967.  Also won was the Telstar knockout trophy in 1952,1963 and in 1967 joint winners, runners up in 1951,1956 and 1966.

Cricket was suspended in 1960 but re-formed in 1963 only to be suspended again in 1968, again to be re-formed in 1971.  The club then rejoined the `Ribble Valley League' (picture1977) without much success until this league folded in 1982.  Friendly cricket was played for a season then the club rejoined the `North East Lancs. League' for four seasons before joining the `Craven and District Amateur Cricket League' in 1987, winning the fourth division at the first attempt.  

The 1977 Team.
Back. A. Burgess, B. Jones, G. Lambert, P. Whittaker, W. Thomas, M. Johnson.
Front. M. Pells, J. Rowley, B. Allen, A. Oneil, P. Clough, K. Hargreaves(scorer)

In 1988 the club moved to the second division and entered a second eleven in the fourth division.  In 1991 the club won the second division and were promoted to the first division.  This success was short lived and relegation followed the next season.  The club has remained in the second division since.  The only success the second eleven attained was winning promotion the third division in 1998.
In recent times the highlights were winning the `Coulthurst cup' twice, in 1987 (picture) and 1990.
In 2001 the first Xl were runners up in the second division but unfortunately were not promoted due to league  reorganisation.  Sadly the second string were relegated back to the fourth division
1977 Team  

The most memorable event being the visit of Vivian Richards the then top international batting star of the West Indies, to play in the then president of the club, Sylvia Hopwood, annual challenge match (picture). This was certainly a coup for Chatburn and drew a large crowd, although it was supposed to be a secret!

The club is always looking for new players, young and old and anyone wishing to join the club may contact any club official listed below.

Chairman: -  J Woodworth   tel. 01200 426534
Secretary: -  P Whittaker      tel. 01200 442935
Treasurer: -  G Lambert        tel. 01282 771442