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Below are some of the searches which have been recorded on the Chatburn Site, Latest searches are at the end, have tried to remove duplicates, but some have probably slipped thru.

"brown cow inn" "christmas" "croasdale" "black bull" "football reports" "genealogy" "nurseries" "property"  weddings" "contact" "cricket" "walks"  re"accommodation" "chatburn f c" "chile pepper" churches" "croasdale" "dewhurst" "genealogy"  "history"  "manor house"  "photographs" "population" "pub" "c hudson"  "grainger" "isherwood" "restaurants" "ruth hudson" "black bull" "chatburn school" "christine hudson"

"technical bakery information" "breakfast casserole" "pizza dough recipe" "texture dough" "witches" "history"  "victoria mill"  "community" "cricket" "moorhen" "photo album" "recent map" "the moorhen" "battersby" "estate agents" "garden fencing" "shackletons garden centre" "pantomine"  "downham"  "pendle hotel"  "poetry" "school" "cricket" "headmaster" "houses" "mormon" "schools"  "contact us" "cricket club" "black bull"   "butcher"  "frank butcher"  "green"   "history"   "awards" "caravan site"  "carolan s"  "gisburn"  "pendle"  "clitheroe"  "reunion"  "cricket"   "history"    "youth club"  "doris giles"  "giles"  "properties to rent"  "1977 silver jubilee"  "crow trees brow"  "shaw gardens"  "football club"  "fred burgess butcher"  "burgess porter"  "chatburn com"  "chatburn school"  "waddington"  "waddow lodge" "24 ribblesdale view"  "birthdays" "lancashire"  "rossendale"  "chapel hill"  "barrowford"  "youth" "chatburn family genealogy" "chatburn library" "chatburns"  "genealogy" "history" "pancake recipe" "pendle avenue" "job vacancies" "roy porter butcher" "waddington" "ashcroft" "cricet" "genealogy"  "castle" "church records" contact us" "garden centre" "ordanence survey" "parish councils" "pollution"

Some interesting spellings!!!!!  Isn't our school system wonderful?