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Early School Days

A Short History of Chatburn Schools

There was no school at Chatburn before 1816 although there had been several dame schools before this time.  A Sunday school was carried on at Chatburn in a disused weaving shed, the costs being defrayed by the charge of a halfpenny per Sunday for instruction in reading, writing and arithmetic.

The building of a National School was commenced in the summer of 1816 and completed in the spring of the year following.  The building at the top of Downham Road, consisted of one schoolroom, a master's house, two yards and a garden.  The entire cost was £266 4s. 5d. The school fees ranged between 3d. and 8d. per week according to the amount of instruction given.  In 1830 the Master of the National School had a fixed stipend of £20 per year together with the school fees.  In 1840 the fees were reduced to 2d. and 5d., the children of poor families being received at half price.  The National Society voted a grant of £12 forth years 1843 and 1844.

In 1844 it was thought desirable to enlarge the School.  Correspondence was commenced with the National Society.  About this time, a promise of a very eligible site was made by William Robinson Esq. for the erection of an altogether new and more complete building.  The project was approved both by the Committee of Council and the National Society the former making a grant of £248 and the latter £55.

The new building was finished in 1850 and on June 17th the school was opened; Mr. Charles Rodgers being the school master.  The Site was enfranchised by the Duke of Buccleuch and conveyed to the Curate and Church Wardens of Christ Church, Chatburn and their successors.  The cost of all this amounted to £962 7s. 5d. including the value of the site, and by grants already mentioned and subscriptions amounting to £622 (£50 from the Rev. R. Ingram, £20 from the Misses Clegg, and £425 from Messers William and Dixon Robinson, whose Liberality started the school) the premises were quite clear of debt.  In 1880 certain alterations were made, wooden floors and central heating being installed.

School Masters

Charles Rodgers 9th. April 1850 to 20th. April 1852.

John Wood 26th. April 1853 to 30th. June 1875.

William Waite 17th. July 1875 to 31st. March 1920.

Edmund Percy Aldersley 1st. April 1920 to 1st. April 1953.

Donald Taylor 16th. April 1953 to 31st. August 1957.

Herbert Edward Boden 1st. September 1957 to 31st. August 1988

Robert Maude 1st. September 1988

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